BTwinBooks helps publishers transition from a predominantly traditional print business to a digital, socialised model where decisions are data driven and direct communication with readers becomes a competitive advantage.


BTwinBooks answers the critical challenges every publisher faces — to name just a few:


  • Every single stage of the value chain has been disrupted


  • The Internet is changing the way we read and consume content (less linear; bittier; shallow reading, interactivity, etc.)


  • Publishers are not innovating as much as they should


  • How to monetise legacy assets remains a key factor among established players


  • Few players seem to have an integrated strategy for print and digital


  • New entrants take a digital-only approach. To a large extent, Disruption belongs to them


  • There is a need to segment markets under two distinct users — traditional and digital. But, for how long?


  • The key to segmentation is (a) determining user experience and (b) playing to current & new reading habits. Business intelligence is the key critical factor


  • Smartphones are emerging as the preferred reading device


  • The world we live in is social. Promoting the socialisation of reading is a must for all players


  • Illegal downloading of eBooks acts as a strong deterrent for many players around the world


  • Discoverability becomes even more critical as physical space diminishes and gets more crowded