Founded in Q3 2015, BTwinBooks started applying its core, proprietary technology to the content industry with the aim to help publishers transition from a predominantly print model to a digital ecosystem.


The IPA's latest Global Publishing Statistics reveal that “readers spend an estimated €114 billion on books per year, with the six largest markets (US, China, Germany, Japan, France and the UK) accounting for over 60% of global spending on books”1. Despite the fast digitisation of society, a majority of readers still prefer reading in print over digital. In the US, for example, recent data accounts for just 18% of total readership done exclusively on digital devices.


Based on IoT principles, BTwinBooks’ proprietary technology manages the digital identity of physical objects on the cloud. This is made possible by assigning unique codes which identify print books with their digital representation (eBook, audiobook, other related content, etc.). The use of unique IDs translates into a wealth of benefits for publishers and other companies in the content industry, such as anti-piracy control; direct channels of communication with end users; data analytics; further monetisation of content; development of reading ecosystems, etc.


The company has been operating on private funds raised from partners and small investors. In March 2017, BTwinBooks won the “NEOTEC” tender, launched by CDTi (Development Centre for Industrial Technology), a governmental agency under the Spanish Ministry of Trade and Industry. The tender granted BTwinBooks the funding required to complete technological and commercial development for the first phase of its roadmap.


At present our team is in advanced conversations with publishers, channel partners, editorial services companies and printers from all over the world — notably in Spain, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore and the US. Among the companies which have shown interest in adopting BTwinBooks services are HarperCollins, Arvato Bertelsmann or Grupo Planeta.


This technology is currently applied to the publishing industry. BTwinBook partners however have plans to take it to other segments of the economy, notably by building on the principles of the Token Economy (which is already being discussed with Educational publishers).


BTwinBooks is currently launching a new round of investment to continue building its services and technological roadmap, and to establish commercial activities in different markets around the world.


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